Losing Weight After Baby

Operation Hot Momma- Diary of getting back to my pre-baby bod

Operation Hot Momma #1- Diary of Getting My Pre-Baby Bod Back

So the time has come for me to start losing weight or as we will call it “Operation Hot Momma”. While pregnant, I feel like I did a pretty good job at eating healthy. I ate pretty much the same as I did prior to conceiving except I cheated a bit more. I was always so terrified of gaining too much because I knew I would have to lose it all again.

When I get into a health kick, I am super strict. That means when people bring in food at work, I stay away. There is no “Oh one cookie won’t kill you!”, because I know one will turn into two and two will turn into a big mess of cheating. One thing I do have is willpower with food. I can say no easily.

Now that I am six weeks postpartum, I have started working out again. & oh my lanta! I am so out of shape! I used to do crossfit type stuff before being pregnant and I was in good shape. But then I failed and stopped going the gym during pregnancy. I mean do you blame me? You are exhausted, the last thing you want to do is workout. I started off a bit heavier than I like to be because I started slacking, which means a bit more to lose. No more excuses. Time to kick ass.

Lets talk numbers:Operation Hot Momma- Diary of getting back to my pre-baby bod.

*My lowest weight was 175ish, this is when I was working out like crazy and eating perfect.

*My pre-pregnancy weight was 200, higher than I like to be.

*I am 214 now, so only 14 to get to pre-pregnancy weight.

*My goal is 185 or so. I still look and feel good about myself at that weight and it is more manageable than 175. I want to be able to have somewhat of a life. If I get to 185 I would be thrilled.

Working Out Sucks

As I said earlier, I do pretty well with eating healthy. The place where I struggle is working out. I find myself losing motivation and making excuses. & from what I have learned, once you don’t do it one night, it is much easier to not do it the following night too. Then you get out of the swing of things and things just go south. Luckily my husband is on board and he is even more motivated than me (that is the Marine in him). I am more motivated to do it if someone is going to hold me accountable.

Our close friend is letting us borrow P90X. He did it and he went from flab to having built arms and a six pack. I still can’t believe how different he looks but after doing 2 workouts, I see how it happened. Let me tell you, that crap will kick your ass. It is insane, I can barely walk today. That is something I personally need from a workout. I need to know that I did some serious work the day before. I need to be able to tell that I have done work. If you are interested in trying it, you can get it here: http://amzn.to/2jF3C8M. I highly suggest it if you want to get quick results.

We also bought a Bowflex type home gym thing off of a buy sale trade website and we get it tonight. I CANNOT wait to use it! Part of the reason I stopped working out before I got pregnant is because I had no time to go to the gym. I have to get up at 5 in the morning anyways to make it to work and it is hard to fit it in at night. Especially when you have an hour commute and go to bed super early. Now with a new baby I have even less time so this will be awesome, again no excuses!

My mom added me to a Live Healthy Iowa challenge that starts next week so that should help keep me accountable too. I get a shirt too, which is a plus!

I will be posting some of the healthy meals I make in separate posts to share with you guys. My tip is to always have healthy snacks available. You will be more apt to eat healthy if it is quick. I also will try to do weekly updates that include some of the stuff I have eaten, struggles, new pictures and my weight.

Let me know if you are on the road to a better looking “Mom Bod”. I would love to hear what you are doing and what your goals are!

How I am getting into shape after baby!

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Operation Hot Momma- Diary of getting back to my pre-baby bod.