About me
My son, “Buddy”
My Step Daughter, Haven

Hey! Thank you for visiting my blog. I figured I should probably introduce myself so here is a little bit about me.


My name is Carmen and I am a 22 year old working mother to a baby boy, a step mom to a  5 year old girl with ADHD and a wife to a third child… err I mean loving husband. We have a smelly dog and a bitch of a cat that we keep around because they make the kids happy and my husband won’t let me get rid  of the dog. I reside in a crappy town in Iowa where the most common thing to do is crack and the only other thing to do is to stroll around Wal-Mart. Sounds lovely right? I need to move.

I am very fascinated by all things health. Before I got pregnant I lost around 80lbs due to diet and exercise and I am currently trying to lose the dreaded “mom belly”. I have a love of all things beauty and I have been known to spend a crazy amount of money on beauty products. It is a guilty pleasure.

I believe Mondays are the worst day of the week & that coffee is a magical elixir.

10 Random Facts About Me

  • I LOVE cheese
  • I have crooked pinkies (No I didn’t break them)
  • I have a guilty pleasure for direct sales, it is hard for me to resist buying things!
  • I graduated high school a year early
  • My favorite health food is the avocado
  • I have lived in 11 different houses growing up, that doesn’t count the moves I have made as an adult
  • I hate dogs with a passion
  • I am terribly indecisive
  • I have autistic tendencies (my brother & real dad have Asperger’s)
  • My name was supposed to be spelled with a “K” but then my initials would have been KKK, which would have been bad obviously.
My third child (Troy) & I

If you are okay with mediocrely written posts about my journey through motherhood & life then please subscribe and stay for awhile.

— Carmen

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