A Healthier Pizza Recipe

Satisfy Your Craving Without Breaking the Belt

Life wouldn’t be worth living without pizza in my opinion. Almost every Friday night is pizza night in this house. Usually because I am exhausted from the week and have no desire to cook. And because well lets face it…pizza is delicious. However it does not fit into my healthier lifestyle I am after.

I made this tonight for myself while the rest of my family had regular pizza and it was really good! I am not usually up for making two meals because it is way too much work. Thankfully this is a pretty easy thing to throw together. Especially if you have the meat and veggies pre-made. Then you just throw it on and slide it in the oven.

At the end of the night, I ended up satisfying my pizza craving without feeling deprived. My tummy thanked me for not filling it full of crap. If you have ever eaten really healthy for a week (or longer) and then eaten something that is not good for you, you understand what I am talking about. Cramp city.

PS. I used turkey sausage and topped it with avocado. I think next time I will sub out the pizza sauce for some light BBQ sauce and top with onions and chicken. Super good!

The Recipe

Here is what you need:

  • Whole Wheat Tortillas ( I used these: http://amzn.to/2jGlkZt)
  • Pizza sauce
  • Cheese (Whatever you prefer)
  • Any Toppings you would like
    • For example: Chicken, avocado, olives, onions…


This is so easy it isn’t even funny. Put the sauce on the tortilla shell and put the cheese and toppings on it. Throw it in the oven at 425 degrees for about ten minutes (or until it is done to your liking). Then it is done!

Put the sauce on the tortillas!
Add the toppings & cheese.
Bake and eat!













A Healthier Pizza- Satisfy Your Craving Without Breaking the Belt

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